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Take advantage of Farm Valley's Landscaping expertise and dive in to that do-it-yourself project with some insight from the pros.

What you do: Bring in detailed measurements of the landscape you would like planned (Length of the house, distance from sidewalk to house, window spacing and height, height of porch, location of existing landscape elements), information on how much sunlight the area recieves and some printed-out digital pictures.  Please, no cd's, memory sticks, or other electronic data.

What we do: Ask you about the space you'd like planned, discover your preferences and desires for the space, sketch a beautiful to-scale design of your landscape, usually within a week's time. Once it's complete, we invite you to our nursery to explain the design and help you get started with your garden!

What's next: The design is yours once you've purchased the first $250 worth of materials from Farm Valley toward the installation. If you'd like to take it with you that day, you can purchase the design for $250 which then becomes a store credit for you to use whenever you'd like.




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